Artist's Statement

I am interested in the visual portrayal of memory as a multi-layering of experience, creating a world in which thoughts, ideas, and objects coexist in relationship to each other. The digital collage removes the image from a direct interpretation of external reality, weaving visual tapestries, which integrate time and memory. My collages frequently include scans of Polaroid transfers or old documents as backgrounds, which help unify the fragments assembled into the collage. I frequently use the scanner as the camera, creating narratives through the integration of objects and photographs. Although each image has a personal story, the narratives in these collages are inferred rather than specifically defined, leaving them open to interpretation by the viewer.

The images are digitally printed on archival paper with archival inks.

Limited edition archival exhibition prints are available for purchase at custom sizes. For pricing and availability for any of the images on the website, click here to contact the artist.

Commissions are accepted upon request.